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Interinstitutional Relations Department

As a pioneer institution in the development of the German dual model in Colombia, our purpose in Uniempresarial is promoting the international vocation in our community in the academic and business settings, both nationally as well as internationally, with the object of providing the world with professionals capable of facing global challenges.

We are a cross-cutting service area for Fundación Universitaria Empresarial (Business University Foundation) of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, attached to the Vice-Rectory of Business Projection and External Relations. From our department, we seek to provide various activities and opportunities for our educational community, including exchange programs, academic missions, business internships, and international academic events, in order to contribute to the development of international and intercultural skills.

Since our creation, we have been an academic area that promotes, leads, and manages institutional internationalization processes, applying the German DUAL training model and strengthening our relations with the external sector.

We rely on international initiatives and activities immersed in academic and business dynamics, fostering the development of international competencies of the teachers, researchers, and students of our institution.

Leading, promoting, and managing the international visibility of the institution through curriculum internationalization processes, internationalization at home activities, development of joint projects with foreign partners, international mobility, among others.


María Isabel Prieto Maldonado

Directora de Relaciones Interinstitucionales/
Director of Interinstitutional Relations
+57 321 240 5202


María Isabel Prieto Maldonado

Director of Interinstitutional Relations